Practice Areas

  • Real Estate
    Real Estate

    Most of us are affected by real estate law daily, whether we are landowners, renters, landlords, home purchasers, or home sellers. Real estate law regulates the purchase, use, and sale of land…

  • Intellectual Property Rights
    Intellectual Property Rights

    Intellectual Property Rights give the inventors or developers of a property certain exclusive rights to profit commercially from their creative work or reputation. Intellectual property protection…

  • Corporate and Commercial
    Corporate and Commercial

    Corporate law oversees the establishment of businesses, shareholder rights, mergers and acquisitions, and commercial law governs the selling and distribution of goods. Every business requires…

  • Civil Litigation
    Civil Litigation

    Civil litigations are the act of settling civil disputes before a court. Civil matters are problems involving people and their relationships, such as a marriage and divorce or a contract disagreement…

  • Business Crimes
    Business Crimes

    The fundamental cause of the rise in business crimes is the massive development of industries and technologies. With an increase in the number of business entities and start-ups, there is also…

  • Dispute Resolution
    Dispute Resolution

    The concept of dispute resolution applies to both corporate and personal law. Solving problems between parties without going to court is dispute resolution. Disputes are costly…

  • Banking and Finance
    Banking and Finance

    The contractual connection between borrowers and lenders is the main focus of banking and finance law. The main goal of any financial transaction is to negotiate and maintain this connection…

  • Tax

    In India, both the central and state governments levy taxes. The tax law is concerned with the evaluation and payments of taxes. Taxes derive from several sources. Understanding, implementing…

  • Insolvency and Bankruptcy
    Insolvency and Bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy and insolvency are the worst-case scenarios for any business or individual. Individuals and companies can both be declared insolvent. Individuals refer to as bankrupt, whereas…

  • Capital Markets
    Capital Markets

    Savings and investment administer between suppliers (people or organisations with resources to lend or invest and those who need capital) through capital markets. Banks and investors are the…

  • Family and Matrimonial Dispute
    Family and Matrimonial Dispute

    With broad-spectrum, family laws involve a number of laws governing families in India. The change in the living style and standards has overpowered the traditional system of the joint family…

  • Criminal Compliance
    Criminal Compliance

    Criminal compliance is a set of rules, procedures, and control mechanisms that aim to ensure strict adherence to the law within the organisation. It also regulates and supervises aspects such…

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